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2012-04-10 10:06 pm
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Friends Only (mostly)

 photo set2banner5.png

If you know me from somewhere and want to be friends, just leave a comment to this post and I'll add you :) If I don't know you from anywhere and you simply add me without commenting, chances are I won't add you back.

If you're here only for the fics/graphics, you can find them at [ profile] thequiettown
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2012-04-10 09:55 pm
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Friends cut

Just doing some spring cleaning. I'm not deleting you if we've talked sometime in the past year or so. In case I delete you but you'd still like to be friends, just leave a comment to this post. All comments are screened.
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2012-01-05 09:09 pm

Shameless Promotion

If you're a Bones fan and like making icons, I'd love to see you join! Click on the banner to see the comm! I'm one of the mods there, btw.
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2011-09-04 11:42 am

Icon post (Multi-fandom), 63 icons

14 x Lost
19 x Bones
5 x Reese Witherspoon
11 x stock
2 x Roswell
4 x the Hunger Games
4 x Harry Potter
1 x Emily Deschanel
1 x Prison Break
1 x Pirates of the Caribbean
1 x Carrie Underwood

Some older & some newer icons... )
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2011-06-01 04:38 pm

Shameless Promotion

[ profile] landofart[ profile] landofart[ profile] landofart[ profile] landofart

If you make graphics (icons, banners, wallpapers, picspams, etc.) Please join [ profile] landofart and Team Pop Art, because I'm there and I'm awesome ;)
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2011-05-11 06:45 pm
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