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14 x Lost
19 x Bones
5 x Reese Witherspoon
11 x stock
2 x Roswell
4 x the Hunger Games
4 x Harry Potter
1 x Emily Deschanel
1 x Prison Break
1 x Pirates of the Caribbean
1 x Carrie Underwood

Some older & some newer icons... )
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Sooo, in addition to studying for my finals, I've decided to take part in 2 LJ events.

1) Round 6 at shipper20in20 (my pairing is, surprisingly, Remus & Tonks). At the moment I've got 14 icons out of 20, but I may still remake some of them as I'm not super happy with all of them.

2) The Winter Hallows Advent at Metamorfic_moon. I've started working on my fic, I've got about 1,500 words. The finished fic should be around 3,000 words, but I can't really say I'm half-way done with it, because it still needs a lot of tweaking as I'm a perfectionist :) 
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